I’m Lisa, and I am in my 50’s and live in Northern Virginia.  I am a native Washingtonian and think the DC area is one of the most beautiful areas around, especially in the spring and fall.  (Okay, a lack of a choice in fabric stores is a negative, but you can’t have everything.)

When not at work, I like to sew, take photographs, paint, explore color and do historical research.

That historical research includes genealogy, local history & just finding ways of keeping the past alive for me.

That’s why I chose the name CreativelyNostalgic.  It combines things I enjoy, and things I remember from my own past.

It might sound like I am bragging, but I have a very good memory, and sometimes hearing a certain song, or seeing a fabric will bring something back. Back to when Mom had that lovely lilac linen suite with the bolero jacket, or when Dad got a ’59 T-Bird from a customer for 50 bucks, and got a friend to drive it over to our place without tags – right past the police station.  (That story is worth its own post!)

What will I be blogging about?  My experiences sewing, exploring some of the wonderful places right in my own backyard, some true stores from my families past (even one that would have fit right in on Cold Case), fun with color, and some ways to get your creativity fired up – even if you do not think of yourself as “creative”.  Maybe even a review or two.

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