So Many Skirts…

One semi-ongoing project for the last few months has been finding just the right skirt silhouette for some of the lovely print fabrics I have found (some very 1940-ish).

I have favored Simplicity 4236 for a long time ( I can make the slim one practically in my sleep).  I wanted to try something that was closer to a trumpet silhouette, but not quite that.

My next stop was Simplicity 4044.  A circa 1942-3 pattern for jacket, pants & skirt. had some good reviews for this, so I gave it a try.  I made the first skirt out of Kona (love Kona), in a nice yellow that happened to match the skirt on the envelope.  The “dip” in the front of the waist was a great touch, but even better, the silhouette was great!

I turned right around & made it again, this time in a intense aqua-green, and omitted the dip, and also doubled up on the interfacing on the waist.  Perfect!!  Great with a crisp white shirt.

Except…just not quite what I wanted for prints.  So the quest continues.

Since the summery prints can wait, I am trying to finish up McCall’s 3341 up.  This is for some great flannels that I got last year.  After watching The Hour on BBC America, I wanted some of those classic plaid narrow skirts from the early 50’s.  Perfect with a little black sweater.  We’ll see…

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